About me

P.G Kruger is a talented and innovative photographer with 6 years of experience. P.G has found his voice behind the lense to capture special moments. His style is dark, romantic, and intimate with a clever play of lighting. 

P.G’s vision comes to life in the editing room when he transforms the raw image into a passionate fairytale that tells a complex story. He enjoys experimenting with different textures, camera angles, and backgrounds. Capturing the individual’s essence of the couple’s relationship in a well-thought out manner.
Over the past couple of years, P.G. has captured special moments at weddings and during special maternity moments. He continues to encapsulate fitness and fashion models, especially male models, in action to showcase their true beauty. By catching the perfect moment he represents couples and individuals in their purest form. 
With a clear vision throughout the process, P.G’s natural photography skills can be clearly seen in the majestical end result.

Hi, my name is PG
I am a male, portrait and wedding photographer who takes pride in making you love yourself more. I want you to experience what it feels like being a magazine model. Like women men also deserves to feel beautiful, that is why I chose to capture the beauty of men.
Society can easily make you feel ugly no matter what body you have, that is why I want to capture the beauty that you are. Being a part time teacher I can see what effect it has on people. Everyone is unique and everyone is worthy.
Dress up. Show up and allow me to make you look like the star that you are.
I want to capture your most beautiful memories of your wedding day or even your pregnancy for you. So that you have a token of your most beautiful memories.
My greatest joy is that when you look at the photos I took of you, you will see the beauty that you are and that you will love yourself a little more.

About the name

You might be wondering. What on earth is this crazy name. 

The name Aurea Lux is Latin for Golden Light. 

It is pronounced Ou-ree-a L-a-ks.

I asked my wonderful friend and mentor Bronwyn Katzke one day what does she thinks describe my personality and my style best. She came up with the name and the wonderful logo that I still like to use.